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Frequently Asked Questions

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Vaporizer produce a water vapour that delivers a controlled amount of E-juice that looks and taste like real smoke. They do not produce any form of combustion or contain any tar or carcinogenics. They also do not produce any odour and can be significantly cheaper than conventional cigarettes

Clearomizers are the tanks, either clear or colored, that contain the e-liquid which is vaporized. Atomizers are the coils inside the clearomizer. The main feature about atomizers is their resistance – usually between 1.5 – 3.0 ohms. The resistance in simple terms is the amount of power from the battery that passes through the coil – the lower the resistance the hotter the coil becomes, producing more vapour.

The battery is the power source of e-cigarette and like the atomizer can be purchased separately so that you can mix and match to get the right balance for your particular vaping style. Batteries come in various sizes and colours and can have particular features such as variable voltage – usually between 3.0v – 6.0v, LCD displays showing how many puffs left and the charge of the battery. There are 2 main specifications regarding batteries the voltage – usually between 3.0v – 6.0v and the capacity mAh which determines how long the battery will last between charges, the higher the mAh the longer it will last. Batteries are either 650, 900, 1300 or 1600 mAh.

To turn your battery on/off press the button 5 times within 2 seconds. It’s a good idea to turn your battery off if you put it in a handbag or in your pocket.

Yes. Most if not all the batteries and atomizers on our site are interchangeable so you can mix and match any combination.

The voltage of the battery determines the amount of vapour produced, the higher the voltage the higher the vapour. Remember this is a personal choice so experiment until you find what's right for you.

Disposables are the simplest and easiest to use form of electronic cigarette, you simply open the packet and start smoking (or vaping). A Re-chargeable comes with a battery and cartomizers and requires you to charge the battery and screw on the cartomizer. The advantage of a re-chargeable is that you can use it again and again you simply need to replace the cartomizer when it runs out.

Yes, You can buy refills for all models we carry.

The vapor produced in an electronic cigarette uses a nicotine free base liquid which is known as e-liquid or e-juice. This liquid is heated by the atomizer to deliver the sensation, taste, and feel of smoking. Of course, without the harmful chemical additives in smoke.

The flavor in the e-liquid varies from where it comes from, what components were used to make the e-liquid, and what flavorings were added. Natural flavorings from flavor concentrates are usually added to the liquid to give its distinctive flavor. These flavors are usually the same flavoring used to flavor foods and sweets.

E-Liquid is usually made up of mostly a propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) base. Most e-liquids are made of entirely propylene glycol and are usually more preferred; some are made in a combination of the two depending on the consistency desired. Some people may be allergic to propylene glycol, so a vegetable glycerin base is better suited to their preference. These e-liquid bases, flavorings, and sometimes a small amount of distilled alcohol or water are added all contribute to the flavor and throat hit of the e-liquid.

Throat hit is the sensation felt in the back of the throat when the vapor is inhaled. In the early days of vaping, people felt vaping an e-cigarette were like inhaling air instead of the smoking sensation they enjoy compared to real cigarettes. Increased throat hit makes using an e-cigarette feel and taste more like real smoking. The liquid base, and voltage of the e-cig affects the liquid’s throat hit.

Most of these components in e-liquid are well known and are used in many food products such and household products. Currently only pharmaceutical grade (USP) or food grade PG and VG are safe to use. Should any amount get on your skin, wash and clean with soap and water.

This is clearly dependent on your personal needs and smoking habits but because vaping an e-cigarette is a very pleasant and convenient alternative to conventional smoking there can be a tendency to "over vape" in the early stages, so take it easy and find the right balance that's right for you.

Yes very much so, if you have any issues or questions regarding any of your purchases then please contact us at any time. We are here to help.

We offer secure payments using Visa, Mastercard, American Express and other banking modes via CCAvenue.

All orders placed before 3pm Monday to Saturday will be dispatched same day. Orders after 3pm Monday to Friday will be dispatched the following morning. Orders after 9am Saturday and Sunday will be dispatched Monday morning.

The short answer is that a 10ml e-juice you receive with the starter kit should last you between 5 and 10 days depending on usage.

The difference between the single coil and dual coil is that the single coil has 1 coiled wire inside the device that gets heated up to produce the vapour. The dual coil has two of these so produces more vapour, this also means it uses more liquid. The dual coil clearomizer has a replaceable head (the part inside the clearomizer) so it is actually cheaper to use in the long run as you can just replace this part most of the time.

If you are a fairly heavy smoker (more than 10 a day) and are pretty confident that you will be using your e-cigarette regularly we recommend choosing the PRO kit as it has a longer battery life and the dual coil clearomizers. You can always try the single coil later by purchasing it separately as they are both compatible with all the batteries we sell on the site.

All products from Pure Vapors come with a 7 day no fuss warranty which come with a DOA (dead on arrival) warranty. If the product is faulty we will ask you to return the item for inspection and replace any faulty items free of charge. Warranty excludes atomizers and clearomizers.

We only offer the very best, Mount Baker Vapor, USA. They produce the highest quality e-liquid and are the largest manufacturers of e-juice in the USA and around the world.
All our e-liquids are shrink wrapped, supplied in child proof bottles and are CHIP compliant.

We recommend choosing your e-liquid strength based on your current/previous cigarette usage:

  • More than 20 cigarettes a day = 24 mg e-liquid strength
  • 10 to 20 cigarettes a day = 18 mg e-liquid strength
  • Less than 10 cigarettes a day = 12 mg e-liquid strength

We charge Rs. 100 in Mumbai and shipping anywhere outside Mumbai will be charges Rs. 200.

Occasionally your email provider may flag our emails as spam. Please check your spam and junk folder and add Pure to your email contacts to avoid this happening in the future.

All our batteries have a 3 click on/off safety function for locking the battery so it is not accidentally activated.
Occasionally a new battery will not unlock straight away after clicking 3 times. In this case please try clicking the button of the battery several times (10 or more times very quickly) to see if the battery will unlock. This occasionally happens when the battery seems to not respond, but this method usually wakes it up.

If you are getting a burnt taste from a clearomizer it is because the device has been used when the wick (the thread inside the atomizer) has not been fully saturated with e-liquid. This is difficult to get rid of and the easiest solution is to replace the atomizer coil.

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